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Your body was designed to heal.

We can work together to restore balance to your body so that it can function the way God designed it to function.


Meet Madison

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Certified Integrative Health Practitioner

I am a holistic health practitioner who believes God designed our bodies to heal. Although I work with anyone, I am passionate about working with mamas and kiddos who experience chronic issues like GI upset, eczema and/or rashes, food sensitivities, sleep disturbances, and more. I navigated my daughter's health issues and my own chronic illness and found healing. Because of what I've walked through, I love to partner with mamas and kids to navigate their symptoms and re-align the body.


My Services

One-to-One Program:

My one-to-one program is a hands-on approach to finding the root cause of your symptoms. I use functional testing, your health history, and signs/symptoms to rebalance your body and address the root cause. I help your body function the way God created it to through a bio-individual, personalized approach of targeted nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle choices.

This program is for you if . . .
- You want a whole-body, holistic approach to addressing your symptoms.
- You are tired of chasing symptoms and not feeling your best.
- You are in for the long-haul and understand that rebalancing the body can take a minimum of 4-6 months.
- You are dedicated to making the necessary lifestyle and diet changes.

Click the "Work With Me" button to see what other services and programs I offer.

Testing Options

Testing Options I offer:

-Comprehensive blood work panel (your choice of adding a full thyroid panel)
-Bioresonance Testing
-Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

-Organic Acids Test
-Total Mycotoxin Panel

To read more about my testing options, click the button below.


"I could not recommend Madison more! She has a strong passion for holistic medicine and her knowledge has taught me more about how to listen to my body and heal naturally. She looked at my blood work and customized an entire portfolio of what my health currently looks like, goals that I should focus on and concrete ways to reach those goals. She is also very realistic. She was able to set attainable goals to help me address current health issues. If you want someone with an attention to detail who will customize a plan to reach your individual health goals rather than a one size fits all approach, Madison is the solution for you."


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