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Why choose a root-cause approach?

My root-cause approach:



If you're familiar with the alternative health field, you may have heard the phrase "root-case approach." The phrase is buzzing, and for good reason. 

As a root-cause practitioner, I look at your body as a whole. I listen to your symptoms to see what your body is communicating. Instead of suppressing symptoms, I support your body in determining what these symptoms mean and why they are there. I use blood work, signs/symptoms, and a full health history to detect what root causes are behind your symtpoms. By determining the cause, we can address the cause and rebalance the body. 

If you want to get to the bottom of your symptoms and find the cause, this approach is for you. If you've exhausted every option trying to find answers, this approach is for you. If you've felt unseen and unheard despite your body crying out for help, this approach is for you. 

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