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I'm Madison, a root-cause practitioner who's passionate about Jesus and all things health and wellness. My own chronic illness journey and my daughter's health issues led me down the path of holistic, root-cause health. Read more of my story below.

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My Story

Since I was little kid, I’ve struggled with various health issues, issues that I was told I would struggle with for the rest of my life. I was diagnosed with several different conditions over the years: Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, IBS, IBD, Hypoglycemia, Anemia, MTHFR, CFS, and MCAS.

While I never felt well, I accepted my symptoms and went on with life, believing it was normal to suffer. It wasn’t until my baby’s mysterious symptoms and my already-fragile health shattered that I began our quest for healing.

After seeing numerous doctors and specialists for both my health and my daughter’s health and being told everything was “fine” and “normal,” I took matters into my own hands. My intuition told me that what we were experiencing was not normal. As a former high school English and AP teacher, I researched endlessly. My research lead to a root-cause approach to healing. I found that there really are only a handful of causes for just about every chronic illness.

I began to address these root causes and experienced profound healing in myself and my daughter. After seeing firsthand that healing is possible from a root-cause level, I realized that the Lord had put a burden on my heart to show others how there really is healing in Him. So, I pursued board certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner and received my root-cause blood work credentials to help others and show them that healing is possible and healing is His heart for His people. 

If you're interested in reading a more in-depth version of my story,  my symptoms, and my testimony, click the button below.

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